Digging old records in the dutch caribbean

In 2015, Caleto began a musical quest to capture the Golden Age of the Dutch Caribbean recording studios on the island of Aruba.

His journey began by going door to door around the neighborhoods of Santa Cruz, Savaneta and San Nicolaas, hoping to gather LP’s that had been recorded in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

This was not an easy feat considering there are currently no active record stores on the island of Aruba and the studios of this “Golden Age” had long since been closed.

But Caleto’s door to door approach allowed him to speak with people, learn and exchange information about the history of the Dutch Caribbean recording studios, and to make the connections he needed.

In the four years since his project began, Caleto has received many generous donations and was able to collect old recordings from local labels,

including Padu Records, Caribia  Records, Sabaneta Records, Antillas Records, Cah'i Orgel Music, Radio Kelboom, Watapana Records, Aruba Recording Studios, all of which are now closed.

These recordings hold a key to the rich musical history of the Dutch Caribbean and allow us to experience the original sound of the Antillean music,

as interpreted by the great orchestras of the time. We can hear that they were influenced by the African diaspora and indigenous traditions as well as nationalities from around the globe.

Inspired, Caleto used the credits on the back of these albums to search for any of the musicians from this era who might still be alive, with the intention of recording new songs.

He found them, and after months of recording new material,

they plan to release a 12” Double Deluxe Limited Edition álbum,which captures the sessions; modern recordings of the traditional music of the Dutch Caribbean.

The album will be edited by WorldBeat Records, an independent record label dedicated to producing traditional and popular music of the Dutch Antilles and hand-cut, limited edition recordings in vinyl format.in the 2019.