Caleto is a Colombian Born musican and producer, Based in Aruba.

In the late 1990s, Caleto became part of the emerging alternative music scene in Colombia reinterpreting traditional rhythms into contemporary sounds, He performed with the groundbreaking band -Palanca AfroBeat Orchestra-, Lead by Pedro Ojeda and participated of the touring project Gente, lead by Alejo Aponte in 2010 Around that time Caleto founded the trio Caleto y su combo with Juan Carlos Puello “El chongo” (Drums) And Carlos Rengifo (Acoustic Bass)

Caleto has participated in festivals such as the California WorldFest, Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba, Carnaval Internacional de las Artes in Barranquilla, Fusion Fest, Rock al Parque, Jazz al Parque, Festival Malpensante in Bogota , the North Sea Jazz Festival, among others.

He has dedicated the past few years to the reserch of rare Dutch Antillean discography released between the 1950s and the 1970s in the island of Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St.Martin

in 2016 , he founded the independent record label Worldbeat records. today, he has produced and recorded with several of those musicians who were left behind on the line up of these forgotten records.

Worldbeat has recorded new original music by several artist who used to be active performers in the 1950 s,60s, and 70´s in Aruba ,Curacao, Bonaire and their work will be released as a limited vinyl edition.

Caleto is currently working on a Documentary web series called -Disco ta cultura- about the reconstruction of the Dutch Antillean discography memory

along with the production of an soundtrack album of the serie which will be distributed in a limited edition in vinyl format.

Recently, CALETO joined the prestigious online radio Gladys Palmera

as a contributor, which holds in Barcelona

the world’s largest collection of rare Caribbean and Latin American music.

CALETO’s contribution is unprecedented as it unveils valuable moments

in the history of Dutch Antillean music, its musicians and culture,

all of which would otherwise still remain unknown, scattered and unexplored.



-Music- in the -School of Fine Arts-

of Barranquilla in 1997

 -Cinematography- in The U.N

  Bogota (Colombia) Year 2001

 -Laboratorio Paleo Futurista- in -Era Sonera -

school of his Mentor, The Colombian Guitarists and Ethnomusicologist

Ernesto Dumas -teto- Ocampo. (Mucho Indio-Bloque de Busqueda),

Bogota, (Col) Year 2004 to 2008

And Audio Production Studio

in –TecSoN- Buenos Aires Argentina

Year 2014.



He participated as guest guitarist in the winning album of the Latin Grammy produced by Carlos Vives (La provincia) Accompanying Andrea Acheverry (Aterciopelados) in 2009.

He collaborated as a Sesionist, composer and arranger, in the album -Tiempo - Produced by Phill Vinal (Zoe-Radiohead-Placebo) in 2009.

And he collaborated as a guitarist in the album volume 2, of the legendary rock band of Barranquilla Leon bruno.en 2009

also collaborated as a guitarrist, in the album -Para cambiar el rumbo- in 2009 under the avant gard label -La distritofonica-